Mixing Vintage and Modern - The Joy of Re-upholstery

Written by Sarah Stripe


Posted on October 22 2023

It’s often said that adding an antique to a room adds character and depth.

"Antiques aren't just pieces of furniture; they're fragments of history that, when mixed with contemporary design, create a home with a unique, timeless story to tell." – Lara Spencer


When it comes to interiors, blending vintage charm with contemporary flair can result in a home that's both visually captivating and deeply personal. And one of the most rewarding ways to achieve this fusion of old and new is through reupholstery. 

An upholsterer's perspective might be a little biased but at the heart of it, an upholsterer (and I speak for myself here) is the consummate up cycler and (yes, me again) always on the look-out for the next project. 

Sometimes scouring through antique shops, car-boot sales and auctions, a lost and lonely chair can be ‘just the thing’ and become the starting point for the creative journey back to a loveable piece; otherwise, a family heirloom is just the thing.

Reupholstering vintage furniture is more than a task; it's an art form. It involves selecting the right fabrics, assessing the structural integrity, and meticulously rebuilding the piece. All while ensuring fire regualtions are complied with.

It's a process where we honour the past while infusing it with fresh life and character.  A proper reupholster takes the piece down to the frame, often does repair work when it gets there and then rebuilds using either traditional fills and techniques or more ‘modern’ foam. 

Beyond creativity, it's all about sustainability. I certainly believe that by giving a vintage (or antique) piece furniture a new lease of life, we contribute to an eco-friendlier way of living, reducing waste and promoting responsible consumer practices.  (Plus, we get to hammer something.)

The goal is to create something with enduring quality, character, and comfort. Each piece tells a story, and it becomes a statement of the owner's unique taste and style and with a sound frame, can be a piece that evolves as your room changes. 

From carefully stripping away old covers and fills, traditional upholstery is hand-worked and with sustainable fabrics and fills such as wool and cotton, a chair or sofa can remerge as something cosy and practical and, long-lasting.  Adding finishing touches such as bespoke trims and fringes, our craft blends vintage and modern – almost where passion and profession meet. It's deeply satisfying, takes a long time to master but oh boy is it worth it. 

"The beauty of antiques is that they're the thread that connects our present to the past. In your home, they become the notes in a symphony of time, harmonizing old and new in perfect decor." – Unknown