We believe that we can transform your room with beautiful handmade curtains and blinds, which can be made up in your choice of our wide range of fabrics from leading designer brands as well as new and upcoming creative independent designers.

Typically, our curtains are heavily interlined and lined and making a statement with your lining and trims can make your windows stand out from the crowd.

We also have a de-clutter team to kick start the process if need be and help you visualise your space.


We measure your windows for made-to-measure curtains and blinds and will bring along the selected fabric collection books and poles so you can compare samples and see how the fabrics will look in the room with your décor and lighting.

Once your order has been completed and quality checked, it is handed over into the capable hands of our experienced fitters.

They will attend your home/site and professionally install all hardware, curtains, blinds and accessories. Dressing everything into the perfect position, turning the inspiring vision we worked on, into reality.



Our products are made by an experienced team of seamstresses, expertly crafting each element to the design specification. All items are hand finished and quality checked personally before being sent out ready for fitting.


With many options available, curtains which have been hand pleated will hang in beautiful columns and enhance the height of your room.

A hand pleated heading allows for patterns to be in their correct places. French or Triple pleat, Double pleat, Euro pleat, goblet, cartridge, box, inverted pleat, Tete de Versailles, pin-hook and eyelet are just some of the options to consider.

They all start as the picture here shows – which pleat would you choose?


Our clients often ask us where to start – it could be colour or pattern, but it all begins with a conversation, what are your dreams, ideas and must-haves?